NixieClock Build Guide


NixieClock Build Guide Parts on Thingiverse Firmware on Github GRA&AFCH Ebay Store When I caught my first glimpse of a Nixie Clock four years ago, it was love at first sight. They just have this cool steampunk vibe that makes them coveted like [...]

RPiKids | Final Build Gallery


RPiKids | Final Build Gallery Behold the complete build. It is far more reliable then I anticipated. The specs/features are as follows:   Raspberry Pi2, 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, 1GB RAM, 4 USB ports USB Wifi Dongle Audio DAC Arduino Uno Power/Parental Controls 10 Port USB Hub Integrated Power Yamaha [...]

RPiKids | Digital Combination Parental Control


RPiKids | Digital Combination Parental Control Previously, I described the shutting down of the Raspberry Pi2 with an Arduino here. The next logical step was to add a digital combination pass-code to add parental controls so my kids could not turn on the system without my authorization. I wrote some quick firmware which is currently too embarrassing [...]

RPiKids | Raspberry Pi Shutdown via Arduino


RPiKids | Raspberry Pi Shutdown via Arduino Arduino Sketch Gracefully shutting down a Raspberry Pi has been covered in many posts. There are many solutions but none seemed to meet my requirements. Full power off - Low power consumption when not being used Switch Multiple Sources - Simultaneous power switching for Pi a small amplifier running at different operation voltages [...]