RPiKids | Final Build Gallery


RPiKids | Final Build Gallery Behold the complete build. It is far more reliable then I anticipated. The specs/features are as follows:   Raspberry Pi2, 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, 1GB RAM, 4 USB ports USB Wifi Dongle Audio DAC Arduino Uno Power/Parental Controls 10 Port USB Hub Integrated Power Yamaha [...]

RPiKids | Building the Cabinet


RPiKids | Building the Cabinet Constructing began by building a simple cabinet out of 5/8" Baltic Birch plywood because the edges look fancy without any edging. The cabinet is mounted on a french cleat to hide any fasteners in it's final installed position. Here are the parts. you can see there are 1/4" dados in plywood sides so the back can [...]

RPiKids | Digital Combination Parental Control


RPiKids | Digital Combination Parental Control Previously, I described the shutting down of the Raspberry Pi2 with an Arduino here. The next logical step was to add a digital combination pass-code to add parental controls so my kids could not turn on the system without my authorization. I wrote some quick firmware which is currently too embarrassing [...]

RPiKids | Raspberry Pi Shutdown via Arduino


RPiKids | Raspberry Pi Shutdown via Arduino Arduino Sketch Gracefully shutting down a Raspberry Pi has been covered in many posts. There are many solutions but none seemed to meet my requirements. Full power off - Low power consumption when not being used Switch Multiple Sources - Simultaneous power switching for Pi a small amplifier running at different operation voltages [...]

RPiKids | Adding I2S DAC


RPiKids | Adding I2S DAC It was quickly apparent that the on-board sound for the Pi2 was awful and I wanted that 8-bit goodness to come out as god intended. I ordered an imitation of the HiFiBerry DAC+/PiCobber from Ebay for $26.00. This hardware version is compatible with Raspberry Pi models A+/B+ and 2. This particular DAC is based on the [...]

Raspbian | Desktop Back To EmulationStation Icon


Raspbian | Desktop Back To EmulationStation Icon Previously I covered how to create a desktop icon so programs could easily be launched from the desktop. This post will show you how to create an additional icon to launch back into EmulationStation. I prefer to launch into EmulationStation were I have created an "apps" menu and can launch into the desktop environment [...]

Raspbian | Create Desktop Icon Shortcuts


Raspbian | Create Desktop Icon Shortcuts Desktop icons are the most intuitive way to launch applications. I have created four icons as you can see from the above screen shot . Generally the process for creating a desktop icon is to create a file which resides on the desktop with the following naming convention. appname.desktop For the simplest case.  The [...]