RPiKids | Building the Cabinet

Constructing began by building a simple cabinet out of 5/8″ Baltic Birch plywood because the edges look fancy without any edging. The cabinet is mounted on a french cleat to hide any fasteners in it’s final installed position. Here are the parts. you can see there are 1/4″ dados in plywood sides so the back can fit in without any fasteners.

Glue the parts up. Here you can see I used a racketing tie down used for securing loads in a trunk. I use them all the time for clamps as you can see in my videos.

The plywood was stained with Walnut dye from Transtint and applied with an HVLP spray gun.

Measure mounting holes for the LCD monitor using painters tape for protection while I continued to work on the front panel.

Mount the monitor permanently from behind.

Cut out the monitor bezel on the front panel.

The next step was to begin surgery on the front panel. I should have done more documentation but I had to graft in trim rings and speaker panels. the trim rings where laser cut from 1/4″ acrylic and the speaker are old ones I had lying around.

This is the after hot gluing everything into position, wrapping in fleece, and two coats of waxed fiberglass resin.

This is after a few thin coats of Bondo auto body filler.

I finished it off by sprayed Tremclad dark grey oil based paint from an HVLP spray gun. Check out the final build photos.