Creality CR10S-Pro Internal Fan Upgrade

Every CR10S-Pro owner knows the new stepper drives are amazingly quiet but the fans are out-of-control loud. Well there are 5 of them! This post will cover swapping out the three internal fans, using a temperature aware fan controller to speed up fans when things get hot. I can say this upgrade makes a very noticeable, audible difference!

Many have attempted this upgrade with my favourite being a video post from Nexi Tech. I mean, attaching the solid state relay to the nearby aluminum extrusion as a heat sink? yes please! everyone should do that.

The stock fans on the CR10S-Pro are as follows:

  • 1 x 4020 24 VDC Axial – Mounted internally in the case
  • 1 x 4020 24 VDC Radial – Mounted internally in the case
  • 1 x 4020 12 VDC Axial – Mounted internally in the power supply
  • 1 x 4020 24 VDC Radial – Mounted on extruder
  • 1 x 4010 24 VDC Axial – Mounted on extruder

Lets get into what you will need to do this mod (Thingiverse file linked at the beginning of this post)

Parts List

The three Noctua fans are model number NF-A4x20 with 4-wire Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) interfaces to allow for speed control. If you do not use the PWM feature such as when we install one in our power supply, the fan will operate at full speed when the power supply decides to turn it on.

The fan controller was sourced on EBay here. This controller has some pretty nifty features with a very low price tag:

  • 3 x PWM controlled fan outputs with standard 4-Wire PWM connectors
  • Buzzer (included) to notify if fans stop running
  • Temperature Sensor (included) for accurate temperature sensing

The five onboard DIP switch enable certain features and are labelled on the circuit board:

  • BF1 (Buzzer Fan 1) – Enable/disable the alarm for fan 1
  • BF2 (Buzzer Fan 2) – Enable/disable the alarm for fan 2
  • TFL – Set FAN1 minimum speed to %40 (instead on %20)
  • TP1/TP2 set the temperature at which the fans start accelerating and what temperature the fans will reach full speed
TP1 TP2 Accelerated Temperature Full Temperature
OFF OFF 35℃ 45℃
ON OFF 40℃ 55℃
OFF ON 50℃ 70℃
ON ON 60℃ 90℃

The DC-DC converter can also be easily sourced on EBay here. Be sure to tune it first, this can be accomplished by powering the DC-DC converter input from the CR10S-Pro 24VDC power supply while adjusting the potentiometer until the DC-DC converter output reads 12VDC .

You will also need to fashion a harness for the new power supply fan (or use the FLX, non-PWM version fo the fan). I made the following harness from the provided connectors and the original power supply fan:

Assembly is fairly straightforward and I’m not going to cover any additional details here. Please leave any questions/comments/concerns here.

Thanks for reading!